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This started as a page to update people on the progress of the Far, Far Away Network of sites and why stuff changed last fall. Itís flowed into a mix of that and me letting people know how Iím doing. If I update this or the site you know Iím here, doing my best to stay healthy. I know that isnít what people come to this site for. I'll continue updating with the usual photo content.


January 24th | It canít have gone unnoticed that the site updates arenít being made as quickly these days as in the past. This has been the case since November. Simply put: Iíve not felt motivated. My mental health and diabetes have regressed in the last five months. However, since Iím having a difficult time sharing what little I want to share, I donít feel comfortable going too deep into my personal life. I spent this past holiday season alone with my dog knowing if she wasnít there I donít know if I would still be.

The holidays are done and I hope I'm in a better place now. Iím ready to get back on track with many things including hobbies like this site. You guys deserve the best of me and in recent months have not gotten that. With my co-web Felicia on a well-deserved hiatus from the site, it falls to me to ensure the best possible content is available to you guys as quickly as possible as it always has been for years. I don't want the site to crash any more than it recently has after years of work have been put into it. I want both updates to the site and promotion on social media to be back at full force for the new seasons of Killing Eve and Outlander along with other shows airing new episodes covered in Section of Randomness. In addition Team Kick Source will continue to be updated with ongoing Dakota Kai storyline content and coming soon The Era of Evie venture.


February 24th | Really miss you guys on Twitter and Tumblr. I think back to all the wonderful memories that are greater than recent failures. I hope when Iím back on social and updating as normal again there is still a use for Far, Far Away. I would understand if people moved on. Hopefully though there still is a place for it. I look forward to new memories and good times with everyone as old ventures continue, our new venture kicks on and more adventures on the site start later this year.


March 17th | Iím sorry there have been delays in getting the site updates and social media promotion back to full force by previous promised dates. Going to make an effort to continue adding the latest Killing Eve and Outlander updates as soon as released; usually that is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Check the galleries on those days. I also still need to add missing content from the last few months and respond to people who contacted the site via email and social media. Let us revisit faster updates for other shows covered and coming back to social media in April. I will take care of myself and do what I can here at the site when I feel up to it.


May 10th | Team Kick Source has been around for six months. This started as an article and grew into a scrapbook, blog, fansite and tribute to the work of Cap as Dakota Kai whose my favorite wrestler. For most my life Iíve been a diabetic and suffered from depression. I donít share this for sympathy, rather to explain why I continued with this project for months despite the strong possibility few if any knew about it or visited this site. Dakotaís unhinged storyline saw her character overcome her demons; strange as it may seem to people, writing about it and her face turn on this site helped me through some rough times in recent months. I hoped to share my enthusiasm for my favorite wrestler with others who feel the same. Likewise, I hoped this site could eventually become a resource and fun read for others.

The Tale of Dakota Kai has ended. We all await the day Cap announces to the world what is next for her. I look forward to covering The Next Tale when the time comes. In the meantime, I want to start adding content about her past work as Evie. I also want to start accepting contributions from other fans. Iíll be adding another domain name and modified site title when The Next Tale begins. Unfortunately, Iím not sure how many people are aware this site exists or have interest. Since last November most of the efforts Iíve made to bring awareness of this site have failed. There were a few persons I reached out to who were helpful and Iím grateful to them. If not for them I doubt I would have gone past the original article if even that. Sadly, other attempts to reach out to the Dakota Kai fandom and fansites for wrestlers felt like a wall was put up.

I opened a Twitter for this site in March. Previously I used the Twitter for my television site, however that was a failure. On the new Twitter, I followed a bunch of Dakota fans and sent out some tweets. I set email notifications up to keep watch for stuff like follows and RTs rather than constantly checking the feed. Itís been a month and Iíve received no notifications. I noticed no flashing number count on the sidebar or top of browser when logging in recently to send out a few new tweets. I hoped people might discover the Twitter and site via search, Google and/or fans in the fandom who help in getting word out about stuff.

Iím usually pretty good at this. However, I feel this time Iíve either failed to connect with the fandom or put effort into something people donít find useful or interesting. That makes me feel worthless when it comes to creativity. Hailey Rade, who was one of the persons who was encouraging from the start, told me I was doing good with this site. So I donít think I should feel worthless. I have concerns I did wrong by reaching out to people or opening this site without any cred in the fandom. Iím not mad or upset at anyone, only regretful Iíve not been able to connect with the fandom.

I want to begin posting content to The Tale of Evie. Soon I want to open contributions. When we know Capís future plans, I look forward to covering whatever is next. Iíd like to make the Twitter a source for all Cap / Charlie news, not just website content related tweets. I want to RT and share othersí thoughts and work. I need some help to get rolling.

I seek answers that would be of much help. Most fandoms have persons who tend to be the go to fans for stuff. Who on Twitter are those persons in this fandom? And too, who are some in the greater wrestling fandom? What are the best hashtags to track and use in tweets? Lastly, are there any people youíd suggest tagging who are okay with being tagged in tweets? Itís usually okay to ask such questions in most fandoms. I hope Iíve been respectful to Cap and the fandom, however if Iíve done any wrong and donít realize it, Iím sorry.

Often success canít be had without failure. By admitting failure I understandably may cause some to question if my site and me are worth your time. I hope you guys will give the Site, the Twitter and me a chance. Itís difficult for me to write this because I fear reaching out again will just be another failure on my part. But I have to overcome that fear and try. I hope this project can be a good resource and something people will enjoy. If you can provide some advice and answers please consider reaching out to me on Twitter. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy the site.


May 16th | Revised Since Entry Date | There are two reasons why I added this blog to the website. I wanted to have a place to talk about my goals for the site. Prior to opening this blog on May 10th I had been open about my health on both Team Kick Source and Far, Far Away Site. This blog could be a place to continue doing that too.

Decided to remove the upsetting entry I posted on May 14th. My head was a mess. Lately my diabetes and mental health have both been the most shit theyíve been in years. But I have fought off depression and have to continue. There was a time I thought I was weak for not being able to take my life. I canít allow myself to ever wish I was weak enough to consider it.

I donít know how Iíll feel tomorrow or this coming weekend let alone in two weeks. But Iím going to do my best to at least be in a better place than I am today. Iíll keep everyone updated here on how Iím doing so you know I'm okay.


May 18th | This entry is specific to Team Kick Source. First though, I want to share that my Chocolate Lab Hershee got a new toy and had yogurt with her breakfast. As for me, Iím here writing this and that is a positive thing.

I want to thank everyone who read the May 10th entry regarding this site and to any if they gave feedback about the Twitter questions. Iíve not yet checked the site specific email and Twitter for hopeful feedback, however Iíll do that soon. Iím excited and hopeful there is feedback; at the same time Iím nervous Iíve failed to connect with the fandom again.

Whatever the outcome this time is, itís not the end, just the beginning. Iím a newcomer as far as the Dakota Kai / King Kota fandom is concerned. I know it may take time to prove my worth to them. During the next couple weeks Iíll be prepping the first update to The Story of Evie that over time will explore Capís earlier work. Contributions has been moved to July.

Most of all Iím looking forward to covering whatever is next for Cap once it begins. I saw Cap changed her Instagram name. I hope I didnít redecorate in anticipation for the coming of King Kota too soon. If I should have waited a bit to redecorate I offer any necessary apologies.

In the past I expressed hope this might be possible, however it was more a thought than a goal. Today I set it as a goal: Someday I hope to have the honor and privilege to conduct interviews with both Cap and Nixon Newell for this site. Interviews about dogs, gaming and wrestling? Iím just a fan so I know this goal might seem unrealistic. But I think itís worth an effort so Iím setting it as a goal.


July 10 | This entry is a bit about my health and the rest about Team Kick Source. I want to thank anyone who has given feedback and support to my efforts on Team Kick Source website and Twitter. Previously I had asked the fandom for advice with plans to check back for feedback. I apologize because Iíve not been checking the website email or Twitter in case there is. I havenít felt well or in a social place these last months. But I do need to catch up on emails and Twitter feedback if there is some. Soon I hope to be more interactive including making the Twitter about more than just the website updates.

There are zero regrets I have doing a site about my favorites and heroines King Kota and Nixon Newell. I hope my passion for this project is reflected in my work on this site. Finally getting around to watching some of their past independent work has been a lot of fun. The effort and passion I put into this website is because I hope it can become a good resource for people. For the first time I have some confidence it might have a shot to become such with HD screen captures now getting added. I strive to make it a useful resource for the past and yet to come.

You may have noticed from the site and Twitter that I use the nickname Cap when referring to King Kota out of character. I noticed many fans on social media called her Charlie as opposed to her ring name when she was Dakota Kai. Iíve done so myself a few times in articles but with reluctance because I don't know if all fans have the privilege to call her Charlie. So Cap is a nickname I use since sheís The Captain or Cap of Team Kick and it fits in or out of character.

Iím hoping when new merchandise comes out for Kota and Nixon there might be shirts for pets including dogs. My Chocolate Labrador Hershee wants to represent. Maybe even a sequel to The Adventures of Kicks Kringle and Nixon Noel this winter? Who knows what the future will bring but I look forward to whatever individually and perhaps even together awaits King Kota and Nixon Newell. Take care everyone and hope youíre enjoying the site and content.


July 24 | I hope everyone is doing well. Iím trying to find some self esteem and look at the new week as a positive after the last couple. My mental health feels mucked up too much lately. The good thing is Iím still here. Hershee the Chocolate Labrador is doing well, back from visiting friends after a week. Upon her return on Saturday, she had a bowl of yogurt and carob cookies for a morning treat after her breakfast of rice and dog food. Iím spoiling her.

Coming soon to the television galleries at Far, Far Away will be Aiden Turnerís recent series Leonardo. If I can get content I want to add The Serpent Queen, House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power. There arenít a lot of persons on shows currently or previously covered at Comic-Con so for the first time in years (that have had Comic-Con) Iím not doing coverage. In a way itís relaxing but I did wish I had felt up to covering Killing Eveís final season events and Outlander Season 6 events with the ongoing photo coverage like the pre-pandemic days.

Katie McGrath fans will be happy to know I plan to add photos from her upcoming show. I saw someone reached out to FY Katie McGrath about me. Thank you to R and the person for the kind words. Iím sorry if Iíve worried people. My upsetting blog entries (since deleted) havenít helped.

I will admit much of my passion these days is for my other web venture: Team Kick Source. But that does not mean I donít still care about Far, Far Away Site. Far, Far Away was my first site and it will always be special to me along with all those on social media who Iíve had the pleasure to interact with because of it. Iíve been with the site since the start while co-webs have passed away or moved on to new interests. With Felicia having moved on, Iím back to doing most the work for the first time in a bit. Given my mental health and diabetes in the last year Iíve not felt as motivated as I once did but I strive to get back there because I think it would be good for me.

My dedication to Team Kick Source is the same as I had when I was trying to establish Far, Far Away Site along with my original co-webs. Getting Far, Far Away established was easier than trying to establish Team Kick Source. But I remain devoted to both. I honestly donít know how Iíll succeed establishing Team Kick Source but I wonít quit. If I did that to Far, Far Away Site it would not be here today. I just want Team Kick Source to be a useful resource to the King Kota and Nixon Newell fandoms like Far, Far Away Site is to so many television fandoms and people.

Far, Far Away I think is established enough to where the social media element is just extra. At least I hope that people keep an eye out for stuff. Iím striving to get more things up quicker again even if the updateís page doesnít note it for a bit. I have messages to respond to, things to know, people to speak to. I got the update templates on standby. In the meantime have some fun on the Twitter and reply with your most favorite photos posted on the site over the years.


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